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Wildland fire truck custom built slip-on tank and pump

Getting out of the fire fighting business, and selling my custom made slip-on, this was built in 2004 by H&W EMERGENCY SERVICES in Hillsboro, Oregon. over 20,000 dollars invested in making this firefighting machine. I had this built on my F-550 crew cab four door truck. When fully loaded with water and crew and supplies it topped out at 15,000 LBS, I still had over a ton of weight to get my gross vehicle weight. This has never been stored outdoors and has been winterized every season and stored in dry place to keep this in great shape.
There is alot to list and I will try to do justice to what I am offering and hope that you can see what a great value this can be for you to eather start your fire fighting fleet or enhance the one you alraedy have.
There is still a couple of months to get equipment ready for fire season 2008 and this is a quick solution to getting a top quality fire truck up and running in no time.
I had this under Forest Service Contract (Reigon 6) for two years at a day rate of $2000.00 and $1750.00. It passed inspection by IMIST both times with no problems due to the amount of money and detail put into the equipment on this custom built fire slip-on.
It is made out of Diamond plate on Alunimum deck and under supports to keep weight down, this bolts right to your Chasis of your truck so you do not have to have a flat bed on your vehicle and is easy to remove after fire season or just leave on year around.
This custaom slip-on measures 8 feet wide 10 feet long front to back. 4 feet 5 inches tall. holds 350 gallons of water/with a 10 gallon foam cell built right in to water tank, with easy 8 inch square fill hatch.
This has four tool and supply bins custom built on this they have reccessed lights inside and vented and are weatherized with locking door latches. the two on the driver side are 3 feet wide 3.5 feet tall by 20 inches deep. these are the tall ones where the two on the passinger side are long 70 inches long or (5 foot 8inches) they are 20 inches high by 20 inches deep. with two reccessed lights in two locking hatches per door.
This has five water export points, One 11/2 NH chrome thread on each side. The three accross the back are a 1 inch and 11/2 and 21/2 inch quick fill for use on hydrants. Also on the Electric Hanney hose real has 200 ft on synthetic nylone hard line for light wieght all 200 feet wiegh maybe 30 LBS. All controlls handles for water exports on on the rear on slip-on so all water operations front and back are controlled in one spot at the rear. W It has quick connect hose chanels located in front on top of slip-on for having hoses pre-set for quick pull-out.
This has two holygen deck work lights located at the rear above the pump and hose real. with switch located on the deck.
This has a ROBWEN FLOW 100 FOAM INJECTOR unit with ventury to prevent the possability of foam ever getting into your water tank it just can not happen. When dialing in the amount of foam you want from very little to shaving cream with just turning the dial on control panel, it is as simple as that, it has custom self flushing to clear the foam from the lines to help prevent caroding fittings or plugging foam filters.
The Tail Lights Turn Signals and Back-up lights are built into the back deck. also this has Ground Lights built under the bottem of the frame, two lights on each side that was set up when you apply the parking brake with key in the on position.
This has a 10 horse power BRIGGS & STRATEN pump head that has very few hours on it and as I stated it has been stored inside during the off season. There is no problem of getting the required PSI for FEDERAL CONTRACTS as I have had two with this very one.
As you can see I have put a lot of time money and effort into the building of this piece of machinery and it shows in the quality of product I am selling.
This is pick up only I can not deliver as I sold the truck that was with this. It is located in HEBO, OREGON about 50 miles West of Salem,Oregon.
My name is Lynn and If you have any question please call me on my cell phone (***)-760-2438

Wildland fire truck custom built slip-on tank and pump Wildland fire truck custom built slip-on tank and pump Wildland fire truck custom built slip-on tank and pump Wildland fire truck custom built slip-on tank and pump Wildland fire truck custom built slip-on tank and pump